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Jasper's SELFIE


One of my patient's from Jamaica gave me a present.


Guess who got their first tooth!


My first attempt at a large scrap rug.
Since I have been home recuperating from surgery, I have been bored not being able to leave the house or even do stairs. I decided to make a rug for the first floor guest room I was staying in. I think this is going to turn out so cool looking! It is about 3 feet round. I plan on making it 6 feet round. What do you think?
PS: I got the test results back yesterday. I don't have ovarian or uterine cancer. My tumors/ cysts were benign. Praise The Lord!


What's Happening??

Let me bring you up to speed as what's been happening:
I now have:
*3 gorgeous daughter in laws!♥♥
*A new grand baby!!♥♥
*A new cat!!♥♥
*Embarked on a different type of nursing career. ( Not sure if I should insert hearts here or not, the jury is still out if I like this career or not)
*Lost my guinea pig of seven years.
*Had surgery on Valentines Day 2014. Very thank-full the preliminary report came back good. Waiting for the biopsy. I have this week off from work due to the surgery so here I sit bored as could be thinking.....maybe I should update my blog!!
Who knows? Years from now when I want to recall things or look back and see what was happening, I will have this journal and also a journal of my life for my kids to read.


Lost 4.6 pounds!!!


Mid week crisis

Last Saturday I had totally had it. I was out of control. I needed to make changes and I wanted to do it right then. I drove over to the nearest Weight Watchers, smacked down my credit card, stepped on the scale and said sign me up. This has been my first week. It has been very hectic. I started a new job, had the new neighbor next door act like a jerk and call the cops not only once, but four times with in the last 24 hours, over my dog that barks occasionally (really). He owns to Dotson...nuf said. Finally the police told him to stop harassing me and stay on his own property. Now I get the joys of driving down to Detroit to get a PPO after work tomorrow. My first grand baby is due at any moment...yikes!! Is this stressful yet? No... not yet. I need to get the list of workers into management at the U of M Football by tomorrow ( we run a booth),  Run a food bank and keep my sanity at the same time....Is this stressful yet? NO... Son # 4 is in his first of college and not doing to well....Now that is stress! So, as this week progresses. I am on plan. I just can't wait to see what the scale does this Saturday. How is Your week going?


First day on weight watchers . I have gained twenty pounds over the summer. I woke up this morning and told myself, enough is enough! So join me as I blog about my journey.